Security solutions for your voice network

Diskyver, expert in VoIP cybersecurity, offers several services and packages to help you secure your telephony.

The TAD is a complete solution that allows you to analyze and secure your entire telephone installation.

Securing voice network software

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With the migration from legacy phone systems to all IP, companie’s voice networks are facing a growing threats from fraud.

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call phishing


Toll fraud bill


eavesdropping attack


Voice network review

In one click, you get essential information for the good supervision of your telephony. This summary of activity in real time allows you to identify as quickly as possible the origin of possible malfunctions and to ensure the continuity of your service, a good start in the security of your telephony!

Each number or IP address that communicates with your telephone infrastructure is evaluated. You get information that allows you to arbitrate your traffic and secure your network.

Caller identity verification
Alerting system

Call flood, spoofing, robocall, impersonation scam : you are instantly warned. Click on the notification to get more information and guidance.

Setting up process

OVA fichier isometric
Isometric gear

OVA’s installation

Our probe is delivered in the form of an OVA file. It is very light and should be installed on the same VLAN as your IPBX. To allow our probe to start capturing SIP packets from your network, you will need to activate the promiscuous mode of your hypervisor.

Learning period

Our algorithms need about ten days to establish the typical patern of your communication flow. This step is necessary for our solution to offer you relevant alerts.

Delivery of your login details

Your access to your Diskyver account will be sent to you by email. Log in to the interface and start learning more about your telephony!

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