Security solutions for your voice network

Diskyver allows fraud detection, monitoring and traffic regulation of your voice network.

Securing voice network software

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Billion dollars

Lost in telecom fraud anually

With the migration from legacy phone systems to all IP, companie’s voice networks are facing a growing threats from fraud.


Telephone denial of service involves saturating a telephone server with calls to make the service unavailable to legitimate callers. A ransom demand is usually attached to this type of attack.


The first step of a premium rate number scam is to take control of a remote phone server by exploiting a security flaw. The hacker will then make mass calls to the premium rate numbers he owns, the victim company will have no choice but to pay the bill to its provider.


Vishing is the telephone version of phishing, the victim receives a call from an entity that is supposed to alert them (bank, police, hospital…) and whose only purpose is to make them call back a premium rate number. Hackers launch massive and highly targeted campaigns using tools that automate the calls.


Eavesdropping is carried out for industrial espionage purposes or in social engineering operations. Hackers seek to glean information such as the name of your financial director, this information can be used to manipulate another of your employees to order an emergency bank transfer for example.

part des cyberattaques sur la téléphonie
Voice network review

Review your infrastructure flow in real time

With a single click, you get the information to properly supervise your voice network. This summary of activity in real time allows you to identify as quickly as possible the origin of possible malfunctions and to ensure the resilience of your voice network.

Verify the identity of inbound calls

Every number or IP address communicating with your voice network is scored. You get information allowing you to regulate your traffic and secure your network.

Caller identity verification
Alerting system

Be alerted in real time

Call flood, spoofing, robocall, impersonation scam : you are instantly warned. Click on the notification to get more information and guidance.

Setting up process

OVA fichier isometric
Isometric gear

OVA’s installation

Our probe is delivered in the form of an OVA file. It is very light and should be installed on the same VLAN as your IPBX. To allow our probe to start capturing SIP packets from your network, you will need to activate the promiscuous mode of your hypervisor.

Learning period

Our algorithms need about ten days to establish the typical patern of your communication flow. This step is necessary for our solution to offer you relevant alerts.

Delivery of your login details

Your access to your Diskyver account will be sent to you by email. Log in to the interface and start learning more about your telephony!

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