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VoIP, the new security breach


  • With remote working, the inventory of your information systems becomes more and more important ?
  • Do you need a dynamic mapping and management tool ?

Dynamically list all the components of your telephone infrastructure.


  • Difficult to get complete and detailed reports of your communication flow?
  • Unable to harmonize your telephone infrastructure?

Analyze your telephone communications and anticipate potential attacks targeting your VoIP.


  • The global migration to IP and the heterogeneity of your infrastructure exposes your company ?
  • A growing inventory increases your exposure ?

Be alerted, in real time, of an attempted attack, or any other suspicious activity.

Solutions for companies…


Our solution adapts to all types of infrastructures


  • Centrex IP
  • IPBX on site or cloud
  • Proprietary software (Zoom, Teams…)

Solutions for VoIP service providers…

  • Improve your customer asset overview while providing ongoing security for their phone systems.


  • Complete your telecom service offering with an IP phone fraud insurance.

Diskyver helps you manage your VoIP infrastructure


A simple and fluid interface to facilitate the management of your telephony ecosystem

Diskyver interface