A complete solution

for your heterogeneous VoIP system


With Diskyver, manage and protect your telephony in a harmonized way


Your time is precious, simplify your life with an administration tool that brings together all the components of your telephone infrastructure.


Optimize the performance of your infrastructure with reliable information such as real-time statistics, call history and comprehensive reports.


Gain peace of mind with real-time alerts. Diskyver continuously evaluates your infrastructure’s exposure rate and alerts you to unusual activity.


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A solution to manage them all


Are you looking for a management solution for all your VoIP infrastructures?

Hybrid infrastructure management provides visibility, time savings and data reliability.




Monitor your performances


Do you know who is using your company phone and when?


Stop paying for phones you don’t use.

Monitor usage, optimize performance and quality of service.

Diskyver VoIP Network's report


VoIP Attacks report Diskyver

The only protection dedicated to your

Voice-over-IP infrastructure


Have you been the victim of an attack? Didn’t know your infrastructure could be a target?

With Diskyver, you can relax, we take care of your security to avoid financial and operational losses.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here

Does the Diskyver solution fit all infrastructures?

Our technology is based on the SIP protocol and the analysis of these packets. SIP is the default protocol used by all messaging, telephony and videoconferencing applications on the market. There is therefore a good chance that the Diskyver solution will be adapted to your infrastructure.