Analyze your communications and prevent potential attacks


Diskyver, expert in VoIP security, provides reports on company communications and supervises its activity by mapping the telephone infrastructure. We have designed the TAD, a complete solution that allows you to analyze and secure your entire telephone installation.

Man monitoring voice network

What is it ?

How can it help ?

The benefits of accurate monitoring


Telephone call management is a service that every company should take in consideration


Analyzing call statistics and the voice flow that passes through your voice network must be done in order to avoid heavy financial losses. Moreover, this approach allows you to better manage the workflow of your employees.

Customer relations depend heavily on the quality of the incoming calls.




Get better visibility into your telephony infrastructure and analyze your communications flows


As well as specific KPIs and statistics on your calls (inbound and outbound).

The benefits of communications analysis

Real time statistics

Your colleagues are alerted in real time if our probe suspects fraud on your telephony. You will find general statistics on your infrastructure. You will be able to quickly locate the origin of incoming and outgoing traffic on your infrastructure. You will be able to monitor and control your calls and get regular automatic activity reports.

Detailed reports

You will be able to monitor and control your calls by getting regular and automatic activity reports.

Calls history

Monitoring allows you to access all of your incoming and outgoing call history. As well as all the intrusions in your telephone system in order to take the necessary measures.

Mapping of your voice network

Benefit from a graphic representation of your infrastructure. This allows you to clarify your vision on your different SIP accounts combined with a graphical inventory.

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