Anti VoIP fraud and authentication of incoming VoIP calls

By reducing the risk of fraud on your calls, you can significantly improve the experience of your callers.

What is it?

How can it help ?

Advantages of call authentication

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Get better results


Analyzing each call quickly and efficiently can help reduce the risk of VoIP fraud.

By knowing the risk of each incoming call, your employees no longer need to become experts in the latest fraud tactics.

Share information with confidence


A TAD provides a risk score and call information within the first few seconds of each call.

This scoring is performed by a powerful risk decision engine. These decisions are automated and regulated by a behavioral engine to build trust with genuine callers.

A complete tool to avoid VoIP fraud 


Diskyver 2.0 can passively detect potentially fraudulent callers and authenticate users by using technologies to determine if a caller has any anomalies in their caller ID or device.

We provide a risk score via our interface to determine the next steps to take. You can then analyze the call using our SIP packet explorer to identify VoIP fraud.

Get more than reducing VoIP fraud

Reduction of fraud losses

Detect potentially fraudulent calls. Identify recurrent fraudsters with a high level of accuracy, before they can access sensitive information. This can also help you reduce the time your agents spend in useless and spam calls.

Reduce Average Wait Time (AWT)

Authenticating legitimate callers before they reach an agent can reduce the average wait time in your call center. This will definitely help you increase your customer satisfaction.

Automated attack detection

Avoid account scanning activities and bruteforce attempts. Fraudsters use bots on interactive voice mail to test stolen credentials and take control of accounts.

Backup of customer accounts

Reduce risk by assessing each caller’s anomalies, including phone number validation. Risk-based authentication reduces exposure to fraud.

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