Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses are not spared from cyber attacks. Like large groups, small and medium-sized companies must be equipped with telephone threat detection tools.

These attacks can generate very high costs for the company. And can even put a definitive end to the activity.

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Toll fraud:

This is a malicious actor that generates a high volume of international calls on expensive traffic. The hackers make calls to premium rate numbers, taking a cut of the revenue generated from these calls.

Toll fraud represent a huge loss for businesses.


When cyberattacks target SMEs & SMBs:

A small business in Bressuire files for bankruptcy after a phone scam

A small business specializing in the design of libraries for more than one million euros

The town hall of Arques-la-Bataille was charged 4700 € for calls to Benin

Faced with a growing cyber threat we help SMEs and SMBs to protect their information systems. We assist in the implementation of a secure telephone architecture respecting the best practices and recommendations of the ANSSI and in the continuity of our support, we install the TAD and train the right people of your teams to use it and to take measures in case of attacks.

Our probe records unusual movements on your telephony.

Thanks to this data, our Machine Learning algorithms make predictions to help you take the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of your service.

You keep control of your phone security policies, manage costs and improve the customer experience.

Toll Fraud detection

Features to secure your information system


Facilitate your control operations with user-friendly tools


Access the history of intrusions and attacks on your infrastructure


Be alerted in real time in case of detection of attacks, errors, reports edition…


Get the dangerousness rate of incoming and outgoing IP numbers/addresses



You are invited to validate any new extension or destination country

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