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The Logbook is your intrusion detection system. It works like a scan that detects all anomalies and potential attacks on your system. You will be provided with a daily report on your network activity.

Use it whenever you want and anywhere you are.

Records keeping, compare your datas.

Relevant alerts, no spam.

Exploration Kit

The Exploration Kit allows for an even more in-depth analysis of your system. Visualize, in particular, your network load, the mapping of your network, the sending and receiving IPs as well as the distribution of packets according to their type. In addition, activate counter-attack measures to protect yourself from threats.

Intuitive graphics, ideal for internal communication.

Optimize your business, see which position is defective.

Disrupt the crisis, instantly.

Diskyver Lite
Diskyver Premium
Logbook + Exploration Kit
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
24/7 Real-time notification
Detailed analysis of your system
Graphs and dashboards
Action management
Reports and tracks of your network

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