Financial institutions 


The value of the data processed by banks and insurance companies makes them privileged victims for hackers.
Diskyver helps financial institutions to ensure the legitimacy of their interlocutors.



sécurité informatique banques

Among the range of cyberattacks faced by financial institutions, fake president fraud stands out as the most damaging.

Fake president fraud :

In a fake president fraud, the hacker impersonates the president or CFO of a company and orders transfers to accounts held by him. The manipulation is usually done via calls that appear to come from the real spoofed number.

During lockdown, the number of cyberattacks targeting financial institutions tripled. Globally, attempts to extort personal data multiplied by 9.


When cyberattacks target financial institutions :

CDER president’s phone number stolen, 15 million euros embezzled

Hackers posing as Bank of America

Hackers impersonating the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services

In view of the increase in cyber threats,

we help financial institutions ensure the identity of their contacts.

Call legitimacy score


Our probe records unusual movements on your telephony.

Thanks to our STIR SCORING we evaluate the danger of all IP addresses of your incoming and outgoing calls, you can thanks to our API recover precise information on the numbers calling your collaborators.

Call bot detection

Our complete catalog of features to secure your information system


Facilitate your control operations with user-friendly tools


Access the history of intrusions and attacks on your infrastructure


Be alerted in real time in case of detection of attacks, errors, reports edition…


Get the dangerousness rate of incoming and outgoing IP numbers/addresses



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