Hospitals and clinics are prime targets for hackers.

They know that a service interruption can be catastrophic to this type of organization..

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Among the range of cyberattacks faced by health sector, distributed denial of service (DDoS) stands out as the most damaging.

DDoS (Denial of service) :

Computer attack consisting in saturating the bandwidth of a telephone server to make it unusable. On average, the hackers demand a ransom of two million euros in exchange for the infrastructure being put back into service

The healthcare sector has the most violent denial of service attacks with an average of 60,000 mbps per attack.


When cyber attacks target hospitals :

AP-HP affected by a denial of service attack

Boston Children’s Hospital victim of DDoS

Ransomware attack results in death in Germany

In view of the increase in cyber threats

we help healthcare institutions improve the resilience of their information systems


Anticipated  attack detection

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