Public Administrations

Government agencies and the energy sector have become common targets for hackers. These attacks can cripple an entire system.

The telephony infrastructure of government and energy companies must be protected.


Administration publiques cyber risque

Among the range of cyberattacks faced by government agencies, eavesdropping stands out as the most damaging.


Eavesdropping can be motivated by various reasons: it can allow a company or a state to obtain information on its competitors, it can also be used by a hacker to set up a scam by psychological manipulation (social engineering).

90% of french public administrations have been targeted by cyber attacks.


When cyberattacks targets governments :

French president’s phone spied on by Pegasus software

The town hall of Salles spied on since 2017

The phones of several French ministers infected by spyware

Facing a growing cyber threat, we help governments ensure the privacy of their communications. Since there is no single solution to neutralize these threats, Diskyver recommends a TAD solution to secure your contact center and telephony network traffic and your telephony infrastructure. In addition to basic transport network protection levels, TAD tools improve your traffic visibility and enhance the security of your telephony infrastructure.

Detection of call redirections

A foreign extension intercepts your communications: the Diskyver solution notifies you. With our fraudulent call detection, we provide security for businesses against call flooding, fraud, robocalls, identity theft and other telephone security threats.

Choose complete protection for your phone network with automated authentication of incoming calls.


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