Telephone Anomaly Detection

A telephone anomaly detection is a system is a device or software application that monitors a telephone infrastructure for malicious activity or policy violations.


A response to new business issues

The convergence of voice and data in IP networks has introduced new threats and vulnerabilities to the voice channel.

Since there is no single solution to neutralize these threats, Diskyver recommends a TAD solution to secure your contact center and telephony network traffic and your telephony infrastructure.

In addition to basic transport network protection levels, TAD tools improve your traffic visibility and enhance the security of your telephony infrastructure.

Diskyver is the only TAD offering a wide range of features to protect your voice network

Anti-fraud and call authentication

Fraudulent and unwanted call threats detection

STIR/SHAKEN: caller identification

Monitoring & analytics of your communications

Reduce the risk of fraud, control the origin of your callers, avoid unwanted calls and phone surveillance.


Data protection

Accurately identify repeat fraudsters before they access sensitive information.


Infrastructure protection

Avoid account mining, brute force attempts and robo dialing in interactive voice mail systems.

Secure your voice network against attacks and other threats, while reducing the number of unwanted calls.

Telephone attacks protection

Reduce unwanted calls, protect your server from threats and secure your business.

Cost management


Control your operating costs by eliminating unwanted calls to foreign countries and premium rates calls.

Filter and block incoming calls to receive only legitimate calls


Monitor the risk level of incoming calls: potential spam, robocalls or fraud.

Fraud reduction


Make sure callers are who they claim to be.


Trusted communications

By building confidence in your caller ID data, you will increase your answered call rate.

Get relevant statistics on your communication flows.

Cost management

Better understanding and knowing the communication flow of your voice network gives you a clear and precise vision of your telecom expenses.


Setting KPIs related to the performance of your telephony service.


Detailed statistics on your communications allow you to better manage your telephone activity and monitor your teams.

Improve your SLA


Identifying potential spammers and fraudsters will not only save you financial losses but also operational losses. This way, you will only answer legitimate calls from your customers.

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