Threat and fraudulent call detection


Voice networks are facing a growing number of threat and fraudulent call, identity theft, call floods, robocalls, identity theft and other attacks that can overwhelm phone servers and put customer assets and information at risk.

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What is it ?

How can it help ?

The benefits for your company and team

Threat and fraudulent call detection

Protect your voice network against threat and fraudulent call


Diskyver’s call security and verification solutions protect your voice network from attacks, reduce unwanted traffic and effectively authenticate incoming calls.

You keep control of your phone security policies, manage costs and improve the customer experience.

Complete voice network protection with automated authentication of incoming calls

You get a notification for every new number or IP address reaching your voice network. 

Once you get a fraudulent phone call or scam you can label the IP address attached to the number as « unwanted ». The number will then be blocked before it can reach you again. Even if the fraudster is spoofing another phone number, its IP address will be labeled. 

Diskyver2.0 is made for :

Company protection

against phone threats, robocalls and other malicious or unwanted calls.

Sensitive sectors

that require flexible, vendor-neutral solutions that are compatible with existing systems.


and cost-effective authentication of incoming calls.

The benefits of threat and fraudulent call detection

Make a cost-effective security investment

Organizations report a return on security investment in less than 12 months.

Automated call verification

Inexpensive and quick verification of incoming calls.

Implement on your own terms

Choose from either a cloud-based solution or an on-premise installation.

Voice network security

Secure your company against call flooding, fraud, robocalls, identity theft and other phone security threats.

Compatible with all existing systems

The solution is vendor-neutral and works with all your existing Voice over IP (VoIP) systems.

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