Telco providers

& VoIP software editors

You are a telco provider or VoIP software editor ? Do you want to improve your solution by guaranteeing the legitimacy of the calls that transit on your networks ? Opt for the Diskyver’s label by using our STIR Scoring API.

Your customers will be able to communicate in complete security: no more robocalls, premium rate or malicious calls. Everything will be filtered automatically on your side !

A simple and relevant security solution

Diskyver offers an API Rest-based security solution that assigns a danger score to IPs and phone numbers. This will allow providers, integrators and VoIP software suppliers to block all malicious calls (Spam, Tor, VPN, Malware, Premium Rate etc …) in order to protect their customers and reduce unwanted costs.

Your customers rely on you for end-to-end protection. That’s precisely why Diskyver wanted to make its STIR Scoring API available to enable VoIP providers to offer filtered and secure telephony.


Our TAD tool for automatic supervision and monitoring is :


Easy to use

Tailored to your flow

With Diskyver, you can now meet all your customers’ telephone security needs by directly blocking suspicious and fraudulent calls.

The subject is becoming increasingly topical with the exponential growth of telephone attacks and fraud. ARCEP is working on regulations to push operators and VoIP software vendors to deal with fraud at the core of the network in order to provide the best possible service to end users.

Call legitimacy score

Thanks to our STIR SCORING we evaluate the dangerousness of all IP addresses of calls transiting on your core network.

We perform a verification of all incoming calls to detect possible attacks. Attacks on telephony can be spam, identity theft, eavesdropping or premium rate calls…

Call bot detection
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