Are you providing VoIP services ?

Secure yourself, offer the best to your customers

Stays ahead thanks to this competitive advantage 

Provide Diskyver to your customers

Complete your offer with an administration and monitoring solution

Diskyver is a painless and fast installation, real-time tools, ergonomic and fully integrated with your customer’s subscriptions.

Protect your core VoIP network

Be sure to be alerted before it’s too late. Diskyver protects you against premium rate fraud, denial of service and other attacks on your core VoIP network.

Diskyver Attacks notifications interface

The unique cybersecurity tool dedicated to your VoIP infrastructure

Behavioral analysis

Our algorithm analyzes the pattern of your communications and develops alert rules based on its fluctuations.

Multi-tenant management

You have a view on your customers and they have a view on their VoIP infrastructure

Licence system

Easily add or remove licenses from your customers with smooth and independent credential management.


Diskyver technology allows you to manage large and complex infrastructures.

Real-time, 24/7 notifications(SMS, Mails)

Malicious use, intrusion, sudden change in call volume: you and your customer are notified instantly.

White label

Distribute Diskyver as a VoIP service provider, expand your offering, attract new customers.

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